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This notice sets out the way in which William Brook will collect and use information acquired from you in a way that is consistent with our responsibilities and is also consistent with your rights under GDPR privacy law. Please read it carefully so that you understand how we will use your information.

Why do we collect your personal information...?

William Brook (Farnham IT Support) work with local SME's to provide IT support and help maintain the businesses network infrastructure. In doing this work we DO NOT collect or hold any personal information about the persons within the businesses we help or have contracts with.

Other information we hold...

If you have an IT support agreement with us we will hold a copy of the service agreement and original direct debit form which are kept in locked cupboards.

Under what principles do we process your data...?

We process your data under the principle of CONTRACT. As a B2B company we do not process any personal information unless a contract between William Brook and said business exists.

What information do we retain...?

When a contract is arranged between William Brook and any other business we will hold only a few pieces of information as follows. Your original service agreement (contract), your original direct debit form, technical information that may help us to quick solve IT problems remotely.

Who do we share your information with...

We do not share personal information with anybody.

How long do we retain your data for...?

We retain the information for as long as the contract lasts for. At the end of a contract or should the contract be broken you are welcome to ask for a copy of everything at which time this data will be permanently deleted from our systems.

Data control...

Your data will not be marked for marketing or shared with any third-party companies.

Data removal...

You are welcome to ask us to remove your data at any time and it will be permanently deleted within 24 hours of your initial request.

Online backups...

If your business has a contract with William Brook there is a very good chance that we provide online backup services for all or most of the data on your servers / laptops. Here are the key points of our online backup system:

Throughout December 2017 & January 2018 we changed from in house online backup system to a far more stable and resilient system provided by Infrascale.

All your data processed via our new online backup systems is and will only ever be stored in UK based data centres.

Online backups are now highly encrypted so theft of any data is as close to impossible as it could ever be. Even if this data was somehow breached by a hacker group for example they would not be able to decrypt the information with today's computing power.

If you would like further information on the GDPR policy of the company that helps us provide online backup services please click here.

Domain, website & email hosting...

All our domains, websites and emails are hosted on servers in the UK. For more information on the hosting provider we use and their GDPR policy please click here. Key points are as follows:

Personal Data - We only hold personal data for the purposes of communication, authentication and billing of our customers and those who sign up to receive information from us. We process all data within legal guidelines and do not share any personal data with third parties. Any personal data not relevant to our current business is deleted.

Privacy Notice - You can find our full privacy notice here: https://www.20i.com/legal/20i-ltd-privacy-policy - We will carry out Privacy Impact Assessments.

Consent - We will seek consent to contact individuals and ensure that that consent is up to date.

Right to be forgotten/deletion - We comply with all requests to remove personal data and abide by any legitimate requests to receive information about the data we hold on individuals in a timely fashion.

Data Breach - Should we be a victim of a data breach, the affected individuals will be contacted within the timescales specified in the GDPR, it will be reported to the Information Commissioner, and a full report - highlighting any risks - will be provided.

Data protection officer - We have a designated Data Protection Officer, please contact us for further details.

Further information...

For any further information regarding William Brook's policy and procedures please contact:
Farnham IT Support
The Granary
1 Waverley Lane