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Answers to some of the most commonly asked Office 365 questions

How do I set my out of office in Microsoft 365?

There might be occasions when for whatever reason your outlook isn't talking nicely to Microsoft 365 and you receive an error when trying to set your out of office message.

To overcome this login to your 365 online portal sign in with your email address and password you have been assigned.

Click on the cog wheel in the top right of the screen and select mail under "Your App Settings" click "mail" and select automatic replies from the left hand menu and your all set to send automatic replies or remove your previously setup out of office.

how to set your out of office in microsoft 365 online

How do I share my calendar in office 365?

It can be easier to share your calendar and set the correct permission using the online portal rather than using outlook.

To share your calendar -> go to outlook -> click the small calendar icon (bottom left screen) -> right click your calendar -> click sharing permissions. Type the email address of the person (within your company) you wish to share with.

Select the sharing permissions you wish and click the blue share button. The person you're sharing with will receive an email notifying them that your calendar has been shared with them.

how to open outlook in office 365

how to share your calendar in office 365

How can I mange my safe and blocked senders in office 365?

Sign into office 365 click on the cog wheel and click on mail under "Your App Settings". From the left hand menu under Accounts click on block or allow and from here you can add safe senders and also block the email addresses you never want to hear from.

how to manage junk mail in office 365

How do I forward my emails to another user in 365?

Sign in exactly the same way but click on forwarding and from here you will see you have the option to forward your messages to another email address. You can also select the tick box so message go to the forward address but also keep a copy in your own mailbox. (perfect if you're going on holiday)

How do I restore deleted items in Office 365?

Sign into your office 365 account and click on Outlook, once outlook has fully opened you can right click on the deleted items folder and click recover deleted items.

From here you will see a list of your most recently deleted items and you can also use the search bar if you are looking for something specific.

On Microsoft 365 your totally deleted items (items you have deleted from the deleted items) are still available for restore for 30 days by default.

how to recover deleted items in office 365

How do I find lost items or folders in office 365?

I can't tell you how many times someone has called me because they think they have lost a single email or folder from their Outlook. On Microsoft 365 online it's really easy to search your entire mailbox to find items of folders that have been accidently dragged into other folders. (Lost)

Sign in to 365 and click on Outlook, once your mailbox is fully open you can use the search bar in the top left of the screen. By default this search bar will look through your entire mailbox so this is really useful when an item is lost because its accidently been dragged into another folder.

How can I open 2 365 mailboxes at the same time?

There's times when opening 2 365 mailboxes at the same time using webmail can be really useful. Although you can't do this in the same browser you can do this by using chromes incognito mode.

With chrome already open and for example with your own mailbox open you can press and hold ctrl, shift & N. This will open Google chrome in incognito mode.

Once you have incognito mode open you can go ahead and sign into 365 as you normally would but sign in with any other 365 account. This is a quick and easy way to have 2 365 mailboxes open at the same time, very handy if you are looking after someone else's mailbox while they are away.

how to open 2 365 mailboxes at the same time

How to send encrypted emails in Office 365?

On basic office 365 plans you can't send encrypted emails or do this via Outlook by default. When all the GDPR panic was going on we were constantly being asked about email encryption.

Long story cut short there is a free and very easy way you can send fully encrypted emails using outlook whether you're using 365 or any other mail provider. Take a look at this blog post how to send fully encrypted emails in Microsoft 365. Open Internet Promise...

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