How to move your Outlook signatures to your new PC

Move your Outlook signatures to your new PC or have the same signatures on multiple PC's

Default Microsoft Outlook signatures location...

The folder that contains all your Outlook signatures is located here:

Copy -> C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft
The easiest way to access this location is to copy exactly as above into windows explorer like this:

default microsoft outlook signatures location

Move signatures from PC to PC or use the same Outlook signatures across multiple PC's & Laptops...

Once you have located the signatures folder within the Microsoft folder you can copy and paste the whole signatures folder to your new PC or to as many other PC's and Laptops as you would like.

default microsoft outlook signatures folder

How to setup your default signature in Outlook...

To set your default signature in Outlook go file -> options -> mail -> click signatures... button. From here you can set your default signature for both new emails and replies.

setup signatures in microsoft outlook Open Internet Promise...

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