Malwarebytes For iOS

The same great PC & Mac protection now available for iPhone

Malwarebytes now available for iOS...

That's right awesome news Malwarebytes our favored anti-malware, anti-ransomware solution that we use on hundreds of business PC's, Laptops & Mac's is now available in the App Store to protect all your Apple devices.

Key features of Malwarebytes iOS protection...

Web Protection blocks phishing sites, online scams, and other malicious sites when you use Safari. Browse the Internet without worrying about accidentally visiting a scam site.

Call Protection shows you caller ID warnings and blocks incoming calls from known and suspected scammers. Ignore fraudulent calls and annoying scams.

Ad Blocking stops intrusive ads and ad trackers from loading in Safari. Browse the Internet with fewer distractions, faster load times, and more privacy.

Text Message Filtering forwards texts from known and suspected scammers to a junk folder. Focus on the messages that matter and ignore the ones that don't.

malwarebytes for ios features

Malwarebytes For iOS Will - Protect your device and blocks spam | Blocks and alerts you of clls from suspected scam callers | Protects your browsers from malicious websites, online scams & phishing | Blocks ads and trckers in Safari | Alerts you to potential scam text messages | Also works on iPads & iPods.

malwarebytes for ios call & text blocking Open Internet Promise...

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