Install Malwarebytes Chrome Browser Extension

How to install Malwarebytes browser extension...

Visit the Chrome store Malwarebytes browser extension using this link ↣

install malwarebytes browser extension

Click Add to Chrome ↣ Click Add Extension

how to install malwarebytes browser extension

Why use Malwarebytes browser extension...

Faster page load times ↣ Most popular websites download a ton of unwanted programs in the background every time you visit them. Malwarebytes browser extension can reduce the amount of rubbish that gets downloaded and actually speeds up site load speed.

install malwarebytes browser extension blocking cookies daily mail website

Prevents accidental visits ↣ Websites loaded with Malware, Ransomware & Viruses are mostly very genuine looking websites sometimes even totally legitimate sites that have been hacked with Malware. If the browser extension detects malware on even a legitimate site it will quickly block your connection.

Your privacy ↣ Know what its like to visit a site and then have annoying adds for that site follow you around the internet. The browser extension can block third-party cookies and add trackers that follow your browser history and use it to advertise to you.

Scammer protection ↣ Malwarebytes browser extension will work to block online scams including tech support scams, browser lockers, phishing and crypto mining.

How to remove malwarebytes browser extension...

If you decide that for any reason you do not want to use the browser extension any longer simply right click the Malwarebytes icon in the top right corner of chrome and click remove from chrome...

remove malwarebytes browser extension Open Internet Promise...

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