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See how we managed to rank #1 in Google in just 2 weeks!

How we ranked #1 in Google for our top local keyword in just 2 weeks...

Below is an article I wrote while trying to rank gorazy.com number 1 on Google for the search term "Farnham SEO"

It took us just 5 days to rank in number 2 and a further week or so for us to rank in number 1 over our top competition. I hope this article helps you boost your own websites Google ranking and brings you much online success!

Let's get started..

For anyone who didn't see my first post starting in February I took the keyword "Farnham SEO" and improved the ranking of gorazy.com from the bottom of page 4 in Google to number 2 on page 1 in just 4 days!

Following that article I was able to make gorazy.com number 1 on Google for this search term just a few weeks later.

So I wanted to share exactly how I was able to make the jump to number 1 in such a short period of time and I hope you can implement some of the same strategies to increase your Google rank for your desired search terms.

So let's jump in from day 1 of this challenge...

10th February 2017..

As I didn't have any real SEO related content on my site the first step was to create my initial article full of genuine helpful SEO content, nothing more than just writing unique and hopefully interesting content.

When writing content you should not get carried away with using your keyword, old tricks like this may have worked 10 years ago but not anymore.

My meta description for the page is "Ever wondered if you could do your own SEO? Well we think you can and that's exactly what we help you do at Farnham SEO."

Again with your meta descriptions you don't need to worry about incorporating your keywords unless natural to what you want to say. Meta descriptions and meta keywords are no longer an SEO criteria for Google search but they are still the sentence that shows up in Google search results.

So when writing your meta descriptions think about writing something really attractive that's going to make people click on your site over the others listed around you.

Meta descriptions can be any length but you should aim to make yours 320 characters maximum.

Meta keywords haven't been a ranking factor for Google in a long time but I filled mine in anyway and here's what they are "SEO, search engine optimisation, farnham SEO, it support, farnham, surrey, remote support, computer support, laptop support, business it support, william brook"

H Tags are like your page titles and headings from H1 to H5. H1 being your top page heading moving down your page you would use H2 or H3.

I only used two H tags on the page my H1 title is "Farnham SEO" and my H3 sub heading is "Farnham SEO Support & Tuition. We Think You Can Do IT"

Unlike my meta data whereby im really not fussed if keywords are written or not in my H tags I do want my keywords as you can see Farnham SEO is mentioned in both H1 and H3.

I only used 2 for the page I wanted to rank higher and was very keyword positive in them. Generally you would probably find your pages could naturally have more and you do not need to use your keywords every time.

Page content - SEO is a topic I have been very interested in for many years and have very strong opinions on. Over the last 15 years I have launched websites in some very competitive markets and in doing so wasted more money than I care to remember on SEO and marketing agencies who have never delivered.

First backlinks - later that night I built my first backlinks to the new page.

Backlinks are links from other sites to part of your website and this is the most important and difficult part of SEO and gaining good rankings on Google.

My first backlinks were from Yelp, Webwiki and Quora. All of these sites allow you to create a profile and link back to your website. You can also use Quora to answer users questions and link back to your site in the articles that you write.

That was it for day 1 I had created a new page, wrote some good content, added some meta data, h tags and created 3 new backlinks.

12th February 2017..

After a day off I realised that I hadn't submitted a new sitemap including the new page so I jumped onto xml-sitemaps.com and created new xml and html sitemaps then uploaded them to my FTP.

13th February 2017..

I created 2 more high quality backlinks on bark.com and themeforest.net. On both sites you can create profiles and link back to your own website.

I had been asked on Quora by another user how a beginner could get into SEO so I wrote a blog post "seo checklist for beginners" linked from Quora to that blog post and from that blog post to the page I wanted to rank and from that page back to the blog post always using keywords to link creating a kind of linking web of keywords.

So that's Quora links to my blog, blog links to the website page we want to rank higher, that same page links back to the blog.

14th February 2017..

I was really surprised to find on checking my ranking that by this time gorazy.com was already ranked number 2 on Google for the search term Farnham SEO. It had taken less than 5 days to make this huge jump in the rankings.

In less than 5 days and really just a couple hours work not only was I able to boost my rankings by 4 whole pages on Google but was ranking higher than all but 1 SEO marketing agency in Farnham, I was also ranking higher than some major websites reed.co.uk, Farnham town council website and indeed.co.uk.

On the 19th of February gorazy.com was still ranking number 2 so I decided to try and take over the number 1 position.

I was already really happy with the result of getting to number 2 and had this all documented on the page I was ranking higher so I promoted it a bit on social media.

Sending social vibes..

If you've ever run a local facebook ad you'll know that it can get pretty expensive and I didn't want to spend a load of money just to prove a point. You can run global facebook campaigns for maximum engagement per user for as little as 0.01p per user engagement.

So I spent less than $2 and quickly have 450 engagements on the page either likes, shares or comments. From there the post on facebook picked up its own traction gaining and further 60 or so likes organically.

In doing this and gaining these social likes we are sending kind of good social media vibes to Google and this is an SEO factor to no surprise.

As well as running the facebook campaign I also posted links to my G+ account and StumbleUpon account, all very small steps but things that should be done as part of any serious SEO strategy.

Checklist of everything I have done so far - built the page and written some nice content with meta data and h tags, created backlinks from yelp, webwiki, quora, themeforest and bark, promoted the page I wanted to rank on facebook, google and stumbleupon for less than $2.

Checking the competition..

If you find yourself up against some strong competition you need to know how to find out the things you can do to be better than them.

Domain age (the older your domain the better) - In my case gorazy.com was 2 and bit years older than wingnut-websites.com the site currently holding the number 1 position.

Website speed (the quicker the better) - Wingnut was scoring a D on Google page speed, the page I had created on gorazy.com was scoring a B and I knew I could quickly get that up to an A.

Content - I had to concede that wingnut would always have me beat here. I don't have the time to create a whole sub site dedicated to SEO so their content was stronger than mine.

Backlinks - When looking at both sites using a couple of different backlink checkers I got various different results so for both domains I would score this even.

22nd February 2017..

I had done a little more research into the backlinks pointing to wingnut-websites.com as I had been planning to go through all their backlinks and try to get links in the same places.

On checking their backlinks I noticed that they had deployed several other sites (created by themselves) and linked back to their main site. This is a backlink strategy lots of SEO companies choose to use.

Basically you knock up a quick website probably using wordpress, fill it with a few articles so there's plenty of content and the site looks genuine enough and then place your backlink somewhere on site.

Anyway I obviously wasn't going to get my extra backlinks from these sites so I ran a backlink checker on another local business website as set about creating some more links.

In roughly an hour I have new backlinks from:

  • www.syob.net - business directory
  • www.mylocalservices.co.uk - business directory
  • www.localaduk.com - business directory
  • local.infobel.co.uk - business directory
  • en.gravatar.com - profile page
  • about.me - profile page

23rd February 2017..

This was the last work I did on the page I had created just 13 days ago at www.gorazy.com/farnham-seo.html.

Increasing your website speed is really easy and often gets overlooked by a lot of websites but think about it, Google wants to serve its users the best information possible as quickly as possible. Website speed is really important so analysing your competition and making your site faster than theirs is a big advantage.

You can use gtmetrix.com to analyse your website and will return a % score and rating A - F. Focus on improving your PageSpeed score this is Googles speed ranking. Your results will also include a list of recommendations some of those recommendations even give you the exact answer of how to get better results.

Some items on the recommendations list will be more tricky to do than others so if your unsure seek the help of a pro. A decent web developer or IT bod should be able to take any site from an F to an A in half a day or so.

My PageSpeed score was already a B so it only took a few little changes optimising images to get an A (91%) which is good enough for now.

Still on the 23rd I made some slight on page changes removing some social sharing icons from the bottom right corner of the page and I added some footer text "Farnham SEO" which just links to the same page.

I chose to remove the sharing icons I had as this was more outbound links and I wanted the page to have as few outbound links as possible.

I also posted a link to the page at reddit on a couple of local business listings and created a soundcloud profile where I was able to create another backlink so 3 more high quality backlinks in total.

This was the grand total SEO work I did on the page www.gorazy.com/farnham-seo.html to try and rank number 1 for the keyword "Farnham SEO"

I was really busy at work so wasn't able to check daily if I had been successful in reaching number 1.

On Friday March 31st gorazy.com had reached the number 1 position over wingnut-websites.com and finishing this article on the 21st April we still hold the number 1 position.

If you are reading this and would like to improve your Google ranking but loads of this is going over your head then please feel free to get in touch we will be happy to help and offer free advice.

I hope you enjoyed this article and are able to take a few things from it to help you succeed online and boost your Google ranking.

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