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This is a bit off topic to what we normally write about but when I used this service last week I knew I had to spread the word...

It sounds like one of those things that must be too good to be true but this UK startup really is the easiest way to switch energy suppliers, get the best deal and stay on the best deal year after year with little to no effort.

dragons den largest ever investment

LAMB Recently received the largest investment for the smallest percentage ever on Dragons Den. They have also been featured in The Sunday Times, The Evening Standard & many more publications.

The problem with your energy supplier:

We are all guilty, each year our energy supplier whoever it is sends us the standard annual price increase and most of us are too busy to call up, figure out why the increase and ultimately get the price reduced back down which inevitably you would be able to do given the time and effort.

So it's the weekend, you've got a little free time and you fire up the uswitch app. You pop in some details and woohoo you can save 1, 2, 3 hundred pounds per year, nice!!

You take a closer look, the best deals require you to call, the third, fourth, fifth best deals you can do using the app but in the back of your mind, you already know you're going to be back in the same situation in 12 months time.

It's the weekend, you've already lost interest, it all feels like a bit much work when you just want to chill out or spend time with your family.

The solution to finding the best energy deal every year with little effort:

Enter, like uswitch it doesn't take a lot of details to figure out you can save hundreds on your gas and electricity bills.

Once you've figured this out in just a couple of minutes dig a little deeper and see whats the difference between uswitch and isn't just a price comparison website that takes a quick commission when you go from comparison to purchasing.

Once you've signed up with each year they will automatically switch you to the cheapest rate provider. So you literally never need to worry about switching provider or finding the best deal ever again!

This deal sounds too good to be true:

It's true to say that it's pretty much impossible to find a selfless website service. Even the most useful blogs are generally tracking you to send you ads and up-sells at a later date. So how does this work... is 100% free, so great for anybody thinking about signing up. Let's not forget though this is a business and any business needs to make money.

The really nice thing about these guys is they are very open about how they make the money they need to run and offer this service. In fact on their homepage the first thing you see under their FAQ's is exactly this:

look after my bills FAQs

Look After My Bills Review & Experience>

So I have known for at least 5 years that I really needed to change my energy supplier and last week I finally did just that having seen LAMB (look after my bills) on Dragons Den a couple weeks earlier.

The whole process was even easier than I imagined and I honestly mean that. First just sign up on the homepage with your email address and postcode.

The next couple of pages are made up of very easy to select and fill out information such as if you're looking for just electricity or gas and electric (dual fuel), who is your current provider, do you pay monthly or quarterly ETC. All in all, it only takes a couple minutes honestly.

Once this is done the savings you'll make by switching will be clearly displayed, click proceed at this point and you're done.

During the process, you will only receive 2 emails from LAMB. The first a simple hello email and the second after you've completed the above process confirming your savings.

look after my bills intro email

look after my bills savings

Of course, it doesn't quite end there but it is still very simple don't freak out. In my case, the best deal was with So Energy (I think they are a new UK energy supplier) I received a further 2 emails from So Energy, first with a welcome pack PDF and second with a link to set up my online account.

I know, yet another online account. Don't sweat it the link in the second email just requires you to set a password everything else has already been done for you. Once you're logged into your new supplier there's a roadmap of your switch in my case from Scottish Power over to So Energy.

And that is that the whole process really only takes minutes to complete. Of course, the best part of this is we only need to do this once, now every year LAMB will automatically find and keep us on the best possible energy plan.

Switch energy supplier free gift...

Why not refer a friend and save even more money. On the first email, you receive from LAMB you'll get a referral code you can email to your friends and family to receive £20 anytime someone signs up and uses the service.

switch energy free gift

The service is so good and easy to use its a no-brainer if you know enough people who knows you could even end up with free energy for the whole year if you keep referring people. Sign up for LAMB now and start saving! Open Internet Promise...

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